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There are a few simple steps that are necessary in order to receive your California online real estate license in California. First, you must pass three exams given by an an approved real estate school. The first exam covers the real estate principles course. A comprehensive course outlining methods of acquiring titles, legal descriptions, deeds, estates, liens, homesteads, and the programs involving lenders, escrows, and title companies. In addition, there Is discussion on taxation, and numerous court cases affecting real estate principles. The second exam relates to the real estate practice course. A comprehensive study of real estate practices in California, as it relates to the real estate business, its regulations, income tax aspects, business opportunities, advertising, property sales, and the role of the broker and salesperson. The real estate finance course is a modern approach to real estate financing. Includes: Money and interest rates, sources of mortgage money, non-institutional leaders, conventional loans, government-backed programs, foreclosure and other loan problems, construction lending, and alternative financing methods.

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Getting your California real estate license online has never been easier. We provide you with the highest quality, updated for 2015 California online real estate courses. Our courses are California Bureau of Real Estate approved (CAlBRE Sponsor: License Solution).

California's Required Statutory / Pre-License Real Estate Courses

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License Solution provides you with the highest quality, brand new, updated for 2014, online California Bureau of Real Estate courses (CalBRE Sponsor: License Solution) to obtain your California real estate license fast and easy. In addition to giving you the best price for CalBRE approved courses, we are happy to support you from start to finish with caring and friendly customer service, whether your questions are regarding course content or are of a technical nature.

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License Solution provides highest quality real estate license online program approved by California Bureau of Real Estate throughout the state of California.

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In the News

License Solution Inc. is Proud to Announce the Release of Their Brand-New, Third Edition of their California Real Estate Principles, Practice and Finance Textbooks.

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License Solution, Inc. was founded by the founders of California's two major real estate schools to help you get a California real estate license via the most effective means possible.

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